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The Vita Nova Agency Is a 501c3 non profit, offering job training and staffing services to assist individuals who are actively seeking to improve their lives while facing challenges resulting from active addiction recovery, incarceration, or veteran displacement. 


Our goal is to:

- Provide Resume and Job Search Skills, including education on using proper Social Media platforms for career advancement.


- Interview and communication skills

- Teach proper workplace behavior


- Coach on problem solving and interaction skills, as well and conflict resolution.


- Teach proper time management skills


Our services are offered through organized recovery homes and community programs, both public and private, as well as non, and for, profit agencies.  We provide everything from teaching a proper handshake, to properly dressing for an interview, to showing up on time every day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to open the door to a complete and fulfilling life to anyone who has suffered from drug and/or alcohol addiction, PTSD, and/or incarceration, and is actively seeking to improve his or her situation through recovery and gainful employment.

Our Mission

To provide job training and employment placement services to individuals who are actively participating in life recovery, so that they may find steady employment and build a secure future.

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