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BUSINESS SERVICES - Reinforcing our Commitment

Placement Services

The Vita Nova Agency is a full-spectrum recruiting service offering experienced candidate placement to employers in various industries, including construction, light manufacturing, warehouse, clerical, and executive positions.  There is never a fee for services until a candidate is placed, and our fees are half the cost of traditional "head hunters".


  • Vita Nova Recruiters conduct a thorough consultation with all employer clients to gain a complete understanding of expectations, work environment, and required skill sets. 

  • Job Placement – All candidates matching employer profile will be considered and submitted for interview.  Once selected, candidate becomes an employee of the client. 


  • Job Training and Monitoring – All candidates agree that VNA will reserve the right to monitor their placement with VNA employer partners and provide coaching, discipline, and termination as needed.  VNA candidates understand that failure to follow employer guidelines and expectations can lead to dismissal from their recovery program, so performance is critical.


  • Continuing Training – Candidates may participate in additional job training and counseling services during their employment, in an effort to obtain promotions, or to qualify for advancing in their career field.

If you would like more information on our placement services, or to sign up for free and begin the recruiting process, please email us at for a copy of our Recruiter Agreement and to schedule a review of your position requirements.

Business Consulting Services - Grow Your Business and Hire

With a combined total of over 50 years of business development and operations management experience, the team at Vita Nova Agency is uniquely equipped to assist your business with a myriad of consulting services designed to streamline your operations, insure legal compliance, and build your business to a point where you are ready to add resources and provide additional employment.

  • We can provide business start-up assistance to insure your new business is properly licensed, insured, and registered with federal, state, and local agencies.

  • We offer Human Resource management services to assist with all levels of compliance.

  • We can assist with marketing and social media platforms, and design a campaign that will promote your business and gain you exposure.

  • We offer business development services designed to improve overall revenue and build your customer base.

  • We specialize in community outreach and co-marketing to help you develop relationships with other organizations that can improve your market share and promote your products and/or services.

  • We can assist with forming a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and lend our expertise to insuring all filings are complete.


  • All consulting fees are considered donations and may be tax deductible.  Talk to your accountant for more information.

Here are just a few of our consulting clients:

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