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Job Coaching - Finding Your Best You

  • Resume Writing – Candidates are consulted with, and a comprehensive employment and skills assessment is completed.  Once all data is gathered, the candidate meets with an employment counselor to create a thorough and acceptable complete resume with a reference sheet.

  • Career Development – Based on the employment history and skills assessment, candidates will receive career guidance and coaching to insure they are applying, and being considered for, the right position.

  • Social Platform Training – Candidates are trained on using Social Media platforms to create profiles and use these platforms for job search and skill marketing.  Platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, and Dice.

  • Interview Training – Candidates receive training on “what to expect” during a job interview, based on their work history and skill set.  Training includes role-playing with job coaches to develop best communication skills, as well as an understanding of what questions to ask and what expectations to have.

  • Interview Outfitting – All VNA candidates receive a no-cost interview outfit they keep.  Men will receive a two-piece suit, dress shirt, and tie.  Women will receive a basic pant suit and blouse.  Shoes will be provided on an as-needed basis.

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