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PlayStation Raffle Closed - THANK YOU!!
Next Raffle Coming Soon!!

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Winner to be announced on 12/20 - **RAFFLE CLOSED**


Raffle Entry - Purchase one entry into our raffle for a Playstation 5 Basic gaming console.  Only 50 tickets will be sold (1 in 50 chance of winning).  Raffle winner to be drawn from qualified entries on December 20, 2020.  Minimum number of tickets sold must equal 40.  If minimum number is not met, raffle becomes a 50/50 drawing, where the winner will receive a cash prize equal to 50% of the ticket sales.  All entries will be entered into a random generator and winner to be chosen at random from all qualified entries.  Ticket purchase will be considered a donation to The Vita Nova Agency per 501c3 IRS guidelines, and may be tax deductible.  Contact your accountant for more information.  Winner will receive a gift card to cover purchase and tax at a local retailer of their choice.  Entries may be mailed to PO Box 90432 Santa Barbara CA 93190.  Mailed entries must arrive by 12/15/20 to be entered or will be returned unless noted they are for donation.  Mailed entries must include contact information.  Raffle prize not to exceed $600 value.  Winner has the option of taking a cash payout of 50% of the overall funds raised in raffle, not to exceed $600.  IMPROVE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING - ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE!!

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